Hello and welcome to Kira Writes!


I’m Kira, a girl getting ready to step into adulthood and trying to figure out what that means for my dreams, my faith, and the rest of my life.

I am a Christian and it is my goal to share the hope that God has given me with all of my readers over the future years. High school was a time of learning to own my faith and discovering what a life lived in relationship with God looks like. Of coures, I’m still learning, but the past few years of studying the Bible and interacting with the world have been crucial in knowing Who God is and who I am.

I am also a writer. I write novels with the dream of bringing truth to the shelves of bookstores and libraries everywhere. Too many of the books targeted at this rising generation are dark and hopeless. They spread the lies that teach us to be selfish and that we must be beautiful, among so many other things. The truth is that God loves us. The truth is that there is good. There is a purpose for this life. Stories can spread that message like no other medium and that is my goal in writing them.

Blogging, of course, is another way that I seek to encourage readers. I want to help others who are taking big and scary steps, who want some sort of foundation in this ever-changing world. None of us are alone as we navigate what it means to live out our faith as adults in new places and with new relationships.

I’ve grown up as part of a large family. I am currently the oldest of seven (“currently” because we do foster care – the number is always subject to change). I love the crazy of a full house, but I also love the quiet of a good book.

And now how about some random trivia?

  • love to run. I’ve done two half marathons and am planning more right now.
  • I’m planning to double major in history and either creative writing or English literature.
  • I live in the stunning Blue Ridge Mountains and love to hike (but not tent camp).
  • I’m a bit of a nervous Nellie, but I like to travel. So, I like to travel with people. It’s more interesting that way anyway.
  • Dogs are my favorite. And our big stupid cat is alright sometimes too.
  • My favorite dessert ever is cheesecake. I know it’s a pain to make, but it is sooo good…
  • I read. And I love to talk about what I read, so look for book reviews that delve deeper into themes than which characters I ship.
  • I’ve been homeschooled since fourth grade and I love it! Yes, it’s hard sometimes, no, I don’t wear my pajamas every day.
  • I like to cook, but my cooking skills are definitely a work in progress.

That’s a little bit about me! I hope that we’ll get to know each other more as we embark on the adventures of life that await us in the coming days! I don’t know everything there is to know about adulting or keeping life under control, but I’m right here with you, figuring it out. I hope you’ll continue to read these posts and keep the conversation going. Let’s figure this out together!



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